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知道未来至少还有一个好处 买张彩票 赚上一大笔 Niffenegger和Dick可没忘为他们的主人公提供强大经济基础

Evan, the protagonist of the movie, named the Butterfly Effect, behaved strange when he was a child and suffered from amnesia. For some reasons, he made terrible mistakes and was a victim of several traumas in his childhood but he could not remember. One day, Evan traveled back in time by reading the diary that recorded things he had forgot. He wanted to save himself and his friends via using his ability and correcting the past. However, every time after he went back and changed the past to compensate for the mistakes, the things were leaded to a more terrible result. After Evan realizes that all he did would trigger ‘butterfly effect’ and end in vain, he traveled back to his mother’s uterus and committed suicide, which stopped him to be born and protected his friend by eliminating the source of ‘disasters’.
        The movie is well-constructed. The director uses flashback to make the audience attracted and nervous, and the hints set in the movies can always make people surprised. In addition, the story is stringed by seven times that Evan traveled back and try to correct the past. There are always small climax in each travel to keep the flow of plot moving on and stimulate audiences’ interest. There are some logic bugs in this movie, which is a common problem in science fiction movies due to the fact that it’s not easy to construct an unreal system or setting without any contradiction or paradox.
        The Butterfly effect really provide food for my thought. We all have regrets. Every time when these kind of clips recalled in our mind, we will feel pain and try to forget them. However, if we have ability to change them, what would you do? If I were to go back to the crossroad and make a decision knowing that one of choices will torture me in the future, would I step to another direction and get a brighter life? I think everyone has considered this idea. In the movie, the director makes it possible and gives us an unexpected answer.
        The flapping of the wings of a butterfly will cause a distant tornado after a period of time. The choice we made not only determined something in front of you, but also had huge impact on your future life. We always assume that the way we didn’t choose will be better, which can be an mental placebo to heal the scars we got. Further more, we may not succeed to change our fate owing to the fact that we can guess what will happen in 3 minutes to some degree but cannot accurately predict it or see further in future. Like Evan’s father said, ‘you can’t play god’. All the efforts made by Evan end with a disasters. He can never save someone without destroying someone else.
        As human, we have desire. We have something we want to achieve and someone we care. If we could travel in time, we are not able to save but destroy. Your dream, your love, yourself, which one will you sacrifice as a cost to save others? Faced with this hopeless problem, Evan kills himself to end all the cycle of his fate.
        So, isn’t it lucky that we do not have super power to affect the past? The existence of fake hope may better than nothing exists. We are human beings due to the fact that we are not god and cannot control anything even ourselves. Be tolerant to regrets and imperfection of our life, cherish what you have and people around you. In some day, you may find, the perfect beginning, for the perfect ending, was that you made a decision and went along.

12.From the past until now even the future I just want to be with you.

to destroy or not to destroy, this is a question



8.When you show up, it seems only you and me left in the whole world.


3.The starlight we see at night. How does it travel all those lonely lightyears?

Affleck:我稍稍动动手脚 未来多美好 (伸手握住命运吧???)


Mike: Seeing the future will destroy us



7.The chance of meeting this person you are holding hands with now , is close to a miracle.

但不同的是 time travel的时候 改变过去的事 未来会怎样

从过去包括现在甚至是未来 我只想和你在一起。




5.Gazing upon the moon makes me feel so small. All those feelings regarding my success my failure become so insignificant that they can be overlooked.

Bana:无论我做什么 都不能改变注定的事情 (还是认命吧????????)


          If you show someone their future, they have no future

13.The future that we have been so nervous and curious about is bright in our hearts.

Do you agree?

9.I don't know how to love you. Looking at you is the only way I know.

三部作品都有这样的元素:time travel, the future

14.I like this part --- --- when you look at someone and they don't look away.



从The Butterfly Effect (呵 好久没关注Kutcher啦)




再到Paycheck (应该没有人用Paycheque 我还是算了吧) (竟然是吴宇森的电影 呵呵 这条线起于Kim Peek的死讯——Rainman——Tom Cruise——Mission: Impossible III——Mission: Impossible II——John Woo——Paycheck 暂时终于今天这篇log)

4.I have crossed ocean of time to find you.

Kutcher:未来可以改变 但违背了自然发生发展规律 情况或越来越糟 (认命吧??)


          If you take away the mystery, you take away the hope

15.I want to find a box, store all the moments that you' ve touched me. When I don't like you as much, I can take them out and remeber.

Jimmy in Paycheck: Look, if we know anything, we know that time travel is not possible. Einstein proved that, right?

每次看月亮的时候 我都觉得那些困扰我和让我喜悦的失落和成就都好像是一样,根本什么都不是。

到The Time Traveler's Wife (看在作者是美国人的情况 我很不情愿地只打一个l 为什么我要在乎这个 莫名其妙)


Mike: but Einstein was very clear that he believed time viewing theoretically could be accomplished.....

11.I know that one day I will forget you. I don't have anticipation. I don't feel sad. I just know, that's all.


图片 1

10.I think of you, wherever I am. When I'm alone, you are the main character of my mind. I am... jealous of you.


你看见我了么?我是一个坏孩子,坏一千遍,坏一万遍 …… 一直坏到你看到我。



6.Can you see me…can you see me now…? I'm a naughty child making ten thousand messes just to make you notice me.

2.If the person you like doesn't like you,wouldn't it still be lonely even if the whole world loves you?

1.I began to immediately miss you, despite not having been separated for more than 24 hours. Despite being over 15000km away. I know you are there.